Schoolers is aimed at children aged 6-8 who have already learned to read and write, opening up new learning possibilities. 

Tales, adapted short stories, video listening activities, short writing tasks and speaking games create an effective environment for children to be engaged and ready to take up on a new language.

Kids and English

Fun and learning come together effectively in our “Kids & English” course.

Spelling games, video and song listening activities, crafts and interactive games ensure children enjoy themselves and improve their language development.

Grammar Consolidation

Grammar consolidation focuses on the correct development of English grammar.

Gradually, from collocations, verb tenses to phrasal verbs, etc., students learn to use English effectively, taking on new linguistic challenges and facing the learning process with much more confidence.

This leads to improved academic results, as well as success in achieving their official qualifications.

School Reinforcement

For those students who face academic difficulties without achieving good results at school, we offer School Reinforcement teaching for English, French, German and other subjects taught in English.

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